Obviously, security is always an important factor for both your game and the users playing your game.

As part of the JavaScript SDK, we do offer domain and sub-domain white listing. This can be updated via the “App Settings” section within your application.



What does this actually mean though?

What this means is that any request made via your application to the Miniclip JavaScript SDK will be checked against this domain setting, only requests made from sources that are included in your white list will succeed. Any requests made through your application where the source isn’t white listed will result in a failure.

What are the options?

When entering your white listed domains you have the choice of either entering each domain separately, or you can add a wild card domain which will then work on any sub-domains you use.

For example, if we were to add the two domain www.miniclip.com and docs.miniclip.com then we would only be able to make calls from these domains.

However, if we instead put one domain entry for miniclip.com this will work for any sub-domain under the Miniclip domain. In essence this equates to *.miniclip.com.