On this page you should find all the information you need to do so successfully.

The process has six key steps.


We have streamlined the integration process, which is fully documented in the locations below.

For documentation and examples of how to integrate with our API’s please visit the Javascript SDK section.

Test plan

Once the game has been integrated, we will run through the test plan to ensure that everything is working as it should. Please review the Integration Test Plan document so that you know what we will be checking for. Generally, it covers:

  • MMO-specific checks e.g. registration, login, connection
  • Online safety
  • COPPA checks (more on this below)
  • General gameplay e.g. loading, menus, UI, etc


In order to populate the game page on Miniclip.com, we will need some information about your game.

Please fill in the Game Metadata Form.


Art assets needed to represent and promote the game on the Miniclip website.

Please send completed assets to Jamie Cason for review and approval.

  • Icons x2
  • Banner/push ads x6
  • Takeover skin (if agreed)
  • For full details of the assets needed check the Asset Guidelines Section.

COPPA compliance

As the main Miniclip website is considered a child-targeted site, we must adhere to COPPA compliance guidelines for our US audience. COPPA is a data protection law aimed at preventing the collection of data for under-13s. Miniclip requires its partners to follow COPPA guidelines so please review the following document.


You’ll need to set up a report facility in order for Miniclip to track key performance metrics during the promotion of your game. Please discuss this requirement with your Miniclip primary contact.