Guidelines specific to the representation and promotion of affiliate partner games.


Icons are used across the site to represent the game.

The most effective icons show a strong subject - usually a character from the game - with good contrast to its background. Use drop-shadows and glows carefully.   When reducing asset images reduce by 25%, 50% or 75% where possible to maintain pixel clarity and avoid blurring. Working with Smart Objects is advisable.

Wherever possible, focus on character rather than weapons or props.

Technical Specs

  • All icons should be jpg files.


Unit Dimension Source file Published File Sample
Standard 150x110 gamename__150x110.psd gamename_216x287_150x110.jpg
Big 444x287 gamename__444x287.psd gamename_216x287_444x287.jpg
Video 150X110   gamename_video.mp4

Standard Size

Basketball Stars Football Strike Golf Battle

This icon will appear in a rotating scroller, so the logo should be placed in the top third of the image or it will be cut off - please see layout below under General Notes.

Big Size

This banner will appear in a rotating scroller at the top of the Miniclip Homepage, so the logo should be placed in the top third of the image or it will be cut off. No relevant content should go in the bottom quarter (the lower 87px) in order to avoid it being lost by the scrollbar overlay.

Big Size Scroller

Video Thumbnail

We may use a Video thumbnail which plays when the user hovers over a game icon with their mouse. Should be 150X110 pixels, or the same aspect ratio. We recommend speeding up the footage by 2X and making sure you can see some gameplay footage.

Video Thumbnails must be less than 500 KB and in mp4 format only.

General Notes

  • Please provide psd source files with clearly-labelled layers.
  • Please output jpg files using “Save for Web” at no more than 80%.
  • Watch out for key content in top left corner of the 150x110 as we use a ‘new’ tag to indicate new games, which may cover it.
  • No key content should go in the bottom quarter of the 444x287 in order to avoid it being lost by the scroller overlay.
  • The icon in the scroller is the 150x110.

Example of appearance on the site

Banners/Push Ads

Used around the site to bring attention to a game or promotion.

Technical Specs

  • All banner ads should be jpg files.


Unit Dimension Source file Published File Sample
Single 216x287 gamename_216x287.psd gamename_216x287.jpg
Sidebar 321x287 gamename_321x287.psd gamename_321x287.jpg
Double 444x287 gamename_444x287.psd gamename_444x287.jpg
MPU 298x248 gamename_298x248.psd gamename_298x248.jpg
App Style Icon 512x512 gamename_512x512.psd gamename_512x512.jpg




App Style Icon

General Notes

  • Push ads should NOT have a play button.
  • Make sure that all Banners/ Push Ads are processed in “Save for web” at no more than 80%.
  • Working with smart objects is advisable.

Example of appearance on the site

Video Widget

The video widget will sit on the site and show a trailer or promotional video for your game. The video can be provided as a YouTube Embed Link or an MP4 file.

Video Widget


Unit Dimension Source file Published File Sample
Top 320x53 gamename_video_widget.psd gamename_video_top.jpg
Bottom 320x54 gamename_video_widget.psd gamename_video_bottom.jpg
Placeholder 320x180 gamename_video_widget.psd gamename_video_placeholder.jpg

Top Section

You will need a top image, which should include the game logo and some imagery from the game.

Video Widget Top

Bottom Section

You will also need a bottom image this should include an attractive call-to-action.

Video Widget Bottom

Video Placeholder

We recommend providing a placeholder image so that your Video Ad looks professional.

Video placeholder


Skins for the website that add a festive look for seasonal or other special events. Also used to promote high-profile game releases, upon agreement.

Technical Specs

  • Maximum file weight is 140kb
  • The takeover header (above the site body) is 135 pixels high, with an 20px margin at the top where the header overlaps.
    • Logos and buttons should not go in the top margin or they will be cut off
  • The body of the Miniclip site is 1012 pixels wide. Any content intended to be visible to the left or right of the site body should be included outside of this area.
  • Aim to fit any key information and assets within the confines of the 1024x768 guide provided within the takeover template.
  • Total width should be 1600px with 160 bleed on each side, beyond the gutter width of 1024.
  • In all cases the maximum weight of the background image file will be limited to 140kb, regardless of subsequent image quality. Optimize whenever possible.
  • Remember that only around 25% of our users have a widescreen monitors. Therefore the main information and call to action should be placed in the header and NOT in beyond the 1024 gutter. This will ensure all our users will see your message and click on the CTA in the clickable area.
  • The asset should vignette/gradient to a hexadecimal reference colour at the bottom and sides. This should be provided to your Miniclip contact.

Files needed

  • JPG: 1600x768 name-takeover.jpg
  • PSD: name-takeover.psd
  • Files for any font used
  • Large PNG of additional textures or illustrations created as part of final artwork
  • Large png and layered psd/ai files of any logos created

Example of takeover